The 3 Remote Viewing Theories

September 24, 2017

Have you ever wondered how remote viewing works? Are you curious what allows us to remote view? Today, Michelle discusses, in brief, the three major theories that support how remote viewing is achieved. Interested in learning more about this topic? Be sure to sign up for the Beginning Controlled Remote Viewing Course at Interested in an indepth and thorough week-long remote viewing course? Visit with Dr. Paul H. Smith at!


Numerology & Mental Telepathy

September 17, 2017

Join Michelle as she talks about two very exciting topics: Numerology and Mental Telepathy! Numbers have played an important role in history and the lives of individuals since time began. Michelle will share information about this and you'll also learn how to calculate your own life path number! Michelle highly recommends an expert in the numerology industry to assist you even further! Tune in to find out who! In the second half of the episode, Michelle discusses brain to brain communication, a study completed and published in 2014 validating the authenticity of mental telepathy and also how to get started in mental telepathy practice! 


All About Clairsentience, Part II

September 10, 2017

In Part I of this series, you learned what clairsentience is, where it is located, how to identify that you're clairsentient and how clairsentient messages present. Today, in Part II, Michelle talks more about this amazing psychic modality and offers insight about being empathic, dream journaling, what may happen as your clairsentience gift increases and the very powerful intuitive development technique: the sensory field trip!


All About Clairsentience, Part I

September 3, 2017

What is clairsentience? Where is it located? How do I know I'm clairsentient? What if I'm afraid I'll feel something I don't want to feel? How do clairsentient messages present? In this episode Michelle talks all about this amazing psychic modality and offers insight about decoding intuitive signals and body messages as well as techniques to help you begin opening to your own clairsentient ability! 


How to Read Others

August 27, 2017

A jam-packed episode today in which Michelle offers a plethora of steps in the process of reading others! Your reading routine matters! Learn all about this important topic today!


Reclaiming Your Voice

August 20, 2017
Reclaim Your Voice! Michelle is often asked the most important must-haves to bring in the most empowered life. In today's episode, Michelle shares a few of those powerful tools that will help you reclaim your voice! They have transformed her own life and they will be of value to you as well. Let these powerful tools be avenues to swiftly and easily guide you to a higher vibrational space at necessary points in your day. They are deep nourishment for your soul self. 

All About Clairaudience - Clear Hearing

August 14, 2017

What is clairaudience? Where is it located? How do I know I'm clairaudient? What if I'm afraid I'll hear something I don't want to hear? In this episode Michelle talks all about this amazing psychic modality and offers several techniques to help you begin opening to your own clairaudience ability! 


Dowsing and the Pendulum

August 6, 2017

Bring your pendulum today! Michelle talks about the psychic modality known as dowsing and how to get started. She'll discuss setting up a dowsing station, how to hold the pendulum correctly, how to clear your pendulum and how to recognize signals and establish communication with your pendulum. Finally, you'll learn how to clear energy using the pendulum! Join us!


The Conscious, Sub-conscious and Super-conscious Mind

July 30, 2017

This week Michelle will explore the three faces of consciousness: the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind, and the super-conscious mind. She'll cover the conscious mind and the role it plays in keeping us safe, its boundaries and how it benefits us and about how it works in conjunction with the other two functions of the mind. Michelle also talks about the sub-conscious mind, the role it plays in our lives and its connection to intuition. Finally, you'll learn about about the ever-exhilarating but complex super-consciousness! Listen in and learn how they each work together to create our reality and provide us with the knowledge to create a happier, more peaceful and confident self. 


Visit to learn more about Michelle's supportive offerings.


Best of The Intuitive Hour: Intuitive Messages, Signals, and The Mind Body Connection

June 25, 2017

Inspired by the influx of many new listeners coming in on the heels of a very successful interview with Kristen Noel at the 2017 Hay House World Summit, I’m creating a special episode segment over the next four weeks: The Best of the Intuitive Hour! Since the launching of the Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice, we’ve had some well received, hot-topic episodes and I wanted to capture those special segments for all of our new listeners! 

We’re talking about Intuitive Messages & Signals and The Mind Body Connection today. Be sure to listen in to learn how you can identify when you're receiving an intuitive or psychic message. We'll chat a bit about empaths and in our final few minutes will walk through a simple yet profound exercise that will assist you in awakening your inner voice. Join us!