Best of The Intuitive Hour: A Clairvoyance Meditation To Open Your Third Eye

June 11, 2017

Inspired by the influx of many new listeners coming in on the heels of a very successful interview with Kristen Noel at the 2017 Hay House World Summit, I’m creating a special episode segment over the next four weeks: The Best of the Intuitive Hour! Since the launching of the Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice, we’ve had some well received, hot-topic episodes and I wanted to capture those special segments for all of our new listeners! Do enjoy! 

Here is another fun and exciting episode of The Intuitive Hour. Welcome back! I’m your host, psychic medium, author, and intuitive life coach Michelle Beltran. We’ve got a fun show ahead so let’s jump right in! In our last episode, we discussed the value of meditation. We talked about the plethora of benefits that meditation offers. You learned daily meditation is essential and linked directly to the development of your intuition. So, with this clearer understanding of the importance of meditation, today’s episode includes a deep clairvoyance meditation designed to assist you in tuning into and accessing, even further, your psychic and intuitive gifts. Most specifically, this deep meditation will awaken your third eye – the seat of your psychic self and intuitive knowing. In this meditation, you'll also learn how to create a Reading Screen - a powerful tool from which to receive clairvoyant images and impressions. 


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